live murals festival
Submissions Due June 1, 2018

The Festival

FestAR is a street art and technology festival that adds a new dynamic to the urban environment. FestAR is based on an open call to appropriate and create new interventions in murals already existents, reactivating and redesigning locations of the city. We propose to use murals to trigger different interactive experiences. For this edition, the intervention will be through Augmented Reality.


For FestAR, murals in the Cambridge/Boston area will be animated through Augmented Reality. All animations will be created by those who respond to the open call form. The whole city will then be invited to download our app and walk through the city on their own or on a guided tour to experience the murals with this new added excitement of surprising animations.


We encourage artists, designers, students, multimedia and IT professionals, sympathizers and everyone interested to submit their ideas and animate murals in Cambridge and Boston area.


                                  How does it work?


There is a list of 8 murals, divided into two tours: Cambridge and Boston. You must choose one mural on the map and create an augmented content for it. The content can be a sound intervention, a GIF, a video or animations. All work created should encourage reflection on the theme “Immigration and Cultural Inclusion”. The applicants can be groups or individuals, just remember to always give the credit to everyone that makes part of it!

To apply, just fill the form, and tell us a little bit more about the (1) concept behind your proposal, (2) the technique you used, (3) the type of media (sound, video, gif, image, etc), (4) the authors names and (5) the final file of the content (to be uploaded). Remember that you are responsible for the content proposed, including the use of images, sounds, and media. So make sure everything is open source or belongs to you!


You do not need to worry about making the content into a format for augmented reality -the Augmented Reality implementation will be set up by our team!  Just enjoy your creation process!


Selection process

Over 2 weeks, our curatorial team, composed of artists, engineers, and designers, will select the winning augmented reality content to be shown over each mural. The result will be posted on our website and social media pages by the middle of May/2018. After the final selection, the FestAR team will set up the augmented reality app HP Reveal (available for download for free on IOs and Android).

The Tour Experience
To celebrate the first edition of FestAR, we will make two collective walks, guided by our teams of artists during the days of June 10th and 11th. After our main experience, we will go celebrate with some snacks and drinks! More info will be posted near the event. Stay updated!

Check the murals bellow or go to our map!




About us

Giovanna Casimiro

Ph.D. student at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of São Paulo, with research on the City as a Museological Interface. Master in Visual Arts by the Postgraduate Program in Visual Arts (PPGART / UFSM). Experiences as a project manager in the interaction design and digital art field, collaborating with different teams worldwide in digital design and art field, including ARTIVIVE app, ZOAN studio, OVNI Studio, LILO.Zone, Boston Cyberarts, Digaaí Association (and others).

Julia Rue

Senior at MIT majoring in mechanical engineering with a concentration in product design. Prior to MIT she attended an arts school for the visual arts and continues to complete art commissions and large scale projects. By studying both engineering and art, Julia focuses on creating objects and experiences that awe the audience by the unexpected intersection of these two fields. Her latest project was Borderline, an augmented reality mural project that has garnered international press.

George Fifield

(advisor and commission):

He is the founding director of Boston Cyberarts, a nonprofit arts organization, launched in 1999 with seed funding from the Massachusetts Cultural Council. Boston Cyberarts organizes a number of ventures - the Boston Cyberarts Gallery in Jamaica Plain, Art on the Marquee at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center and the Harbor Island Welcome Center Screens in Boston's Greenway Conservancy.  He is also an independent curator of New Media with numerous projects here and abroad.

Cedric Vise Douglas

(street artists and commission):

He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. He is also  the Founder and Creative Director of The Up Truck, a mobile art lab designed to engage underserved Boston communities through art and creativity.

Sneha Shrestha

(street artist and commission):

Sneha “Imagine” is Cambridge based graffiti artist who creates works inspired by her Nepalese heritage. She has recently been named one of Boston’s Artist-in-Residence for 2018. She has also started the first arts education children art museum in Nepal and continues to create art and organize events in both Nepal and Boston that encourages teenagers to use art as a healthy creative outlet.


Support and Mentorship


Sam Magee (Mentor): Sam Magee is the Manager of MIT Student Arts Programs. For this project, he is serving as mentor and advisor-at-large to help shape, and implement all aspects.


MIT Student Team: A student team of about five strong will be formed to help organize and carry out this project. Chosen students will have a strong interest in art, and a passion for spreading public appreciation of art, strong organizational skills, ability to work independently, and experience leading tours.



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